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Where did you start PSO?

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Like the majority suggests, i too started on the Dreamcast...where hacked/duped items, constant crashes sometimes lead to the occasional corruption of your file b/c of others, and other fun things lead me to the point in my 9 month or so PSO DC career where i would never party up with randos unless i knew them or partied with them before, so most of the time i would just end up playing solo to at least try to get a "legit" experience that ultimately fell shy of my expectations. So as you can already tell, i ended up quitting the game and never looking back.

Then, a good 20 or so years later, on a night i was very bored and played PSO for literally shits and giggles on my ReDream emulator for like an hour to see what that once felt like, i said to myself, "Maybe there is a private or two out there that can provide a true vanilla experience like i had once upon a time before others completely ruined it...?" and low and behold, the only one that fit the bill i was looking for was Ephinea that had QoL changes im sure 99% of the player base welcomed, it was truly a match made in heaven (i guess the untimely impact of the pandemic had A LOT with me playing a lot more than i had anticipated, but hey, it is what it is).

Anyways the gist of all that blabber is that the main reason i have been on this server for almost a year and a half now is the fact that i think Soda and his crew do an incredible job of not only keeping the game as legit as possible (like in any game, sometimes, things fall between the cracks, but from what i have seen, this is quickly addressed if it does happen) and with the ingame events, this game is as fresh as it could ever be imo. I always say to myself that i wish i had found this server much sooner than i did, but im just glad i found it regardless. Bravo to everyone here that helps keep this server and this game super alive.
Not surrrre if your mew mew ish overstepping her bounds by saying on behalf of herself and her fellow Staffies buuut,....."D'aaaaw? We WUB you too, dammit~!". >=3 <3
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