Reporting for duty

Hey, what's up everyone! I finally made it over here.

For some reason, I tried to make an account here with two different emails, but none of them worked. Decided to check up here again and thought third times the charm. Surprisingly enough, it worked. The forum stated it was going to send a link for final approval but nothing ever showed up on either of the two emails. Not sure if this is an isolated situation on my part or if there are a few others that might be having the same problem. Figured I'd announce that if that is the case.

Anyways looking forward to meeting you all on here, once I get the game up and running. I was never able to play on Schthack due to registration issues. I did play years ago, but I forgot all my information and I couldn't make another. I always wanted to try it again...but now I can!

So most of you probably don't know who I am, since I mostly played on the GC version. I guess I got to find some place that hosts the gc community now as well.


Welcome to Ephinea!

We had an issue because we changed host, Soda forgot to change a few things with the mail server, so we weren't actually sending the e-mails out to new users, that was resolved after I was told by someone in game, Sorry about that!

Good luck and happy hunting, I'm looking forward to seeing you in-game!


Staff member
As someone who moved from GC to BB a long time ago, I can say with confidence that the transition's easy and you'll be just fine. PSO is PSO!

Welcome to the server!