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Got a few little goodies for now, don't do an awful lot of rare hunting at the moment, trying to level a little.
Please reply, PM or find me in game if you want to buy anything listed here.
I know a lot of this just looks like TP fodder, so if you want to negotiate multiple items for a PD, feel free.

All 0%:

Bloody Art
Cross Scar
Slicer Of Assassin
Slicer Of Assassin +6
With any above 0% (hit weapons in bold):
Hell Gladius +2 (35/0/0/0|0)
Kaladbolg (15/0/0/0|0)
Demon's Calibur (30/0/35/0|25)
Blade Dance (0/15/0/0|0)
Geist Gugnir +6 (15/0/15/0|0)
Charge Gugnir +2 (25/0/0/0|30)
Charge Berdys +7 (0/0/0/40|30)

Brionac (0/5/0/0|0)
Slicer Of Assassin (20/0/0/0|0)
Shadow Lockgun +2 (0/15/0/0|50) x2
Charge Raygun +2 (25/0/0/0|50)

Varista (0/0/15/0|0)
Arrest Laser +5 (0/0/30/30|0)
Tempest Vulcan +3 (40/0/0/0|35)
Blizzard Vulcan (0/0/0/25|0)
King's Vulcan +7 (20/0/0/0|0)
H&S25 Justice (0/5/0/20|0)
Guilty Light (0/0/20/35/0|0)


Graviton Plate (lv54) 1 slot
Alliance Uniform (lv78) 0 slot
Commander Uniform (lv101) 0 slot
Frame 2 slot
Solid Frame (lv19) 4 slot
Absorb Armor (lv47) 4 slot
Valiant Frame (lv63) 4 slot
Divinity Armor (lv78) 4 slot x2
Secret Gear (lv41)
Attribute Wall (lv41)
Proto Regene Gear (lv66)
Striker Plus (lv112)
Angel/Mind x4
Ogre/Power x4
Dragon/HP x8
MAG (Blank) x6 (2x green, 1x blue, 1x sky, 1x purple 1x orange)
Varuna (05/00/09/03) lv17
Garuda hyper ATA build (05/85/110/00) lv200 - 5 PDs

Normal Items:

Scape Doll x40
Digrinder x4
Def Material x27
Evade Material x18
Full Meseta Bank x2 - 333,333:1
Disk vol 2 - Day Light x2
Disk vol 3 - Burning Rangers
Disk vol 8 - Heart To Heart
Disk vol 9 - Strange Blue x3
Disk vol 10 - Reunion System
Disk vol 11 - Pinnacles
Disk vol 13 - Get It Up
Foie lv11 - lv26 - lv28
Gifoie lv8 - lv11 - lv19
Rafoie lv28
Barta lv8 - lv10 - lv17
Gibarta lv10 - lv15 - lv25
Rabarta lv14 - lv15 x2 - lv17
Zonde lv8 - lv10 - lv15 - lv21
Gizonde lv8 - lv15
Razonde lv16
Megid - Not in stock
Grants - Not in stock

Resta lv11 - lv12 x2 - lv15 - lv19 - lv23 - lv30
Anti - Not in stock
Shifta lv10
Deband lv11 - lv15 - lv16
Jellen lv9 - lv12 - lv14
Zalure lv14

PARTS / Enemy Weapons:
G-Assassin's Sabers
Booma's Claw x5
Booma's Right Arm
Gobooma's Right Arm x2
Gobooma's Claw
Rappy's Fan x3
Hildebear's Cane
Amplifier Of Foie
Amplifier Of Rafoie
Amplifier Of Barta x2
Amplifier Of Gibarta
Amplifier Of Zonde x3
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