Rare Weapon Bug


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Hey guys. So, whenever I pick up an ??? rare weapon and decide to drop it, a message shows up indicating what the identity of the rare item is. I'm sure this wasn't intentional, so I figured I'd let ya know.


It is intentional. You can see which item you really are dropping if a desynchronization happens.


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you can use the /showwep (I think) command to always see what rare weapon you're finding
although some players like to keep it vanilla and find out at the Tekker


Hey, you just taught me a cool exploit! Well, I wouldn't really call it an exploit, because I know how to do exploits, but that's like a cool cheat that can be shared with others. At least this is helpful. If you want to know what an item is, just drop it :D haha. But, if you don't take the ??? item to the guy who can define the item, you'll never get the full meseta value for it. I always take it to the guy at the shop so I can get full value when I sell the items.

Good work on teaching me a new trick. There's a lot I don't know about this game because I spent more time editing files than I did playing the game. Though I really like the game.


@Komishiro85 No, that isn't quite right. This only works for RARE weapons (red boxes), which, on this server, you can no longer sell for a paltry 10 meseta. Normal, orange box ???? weapons won't display anything when dropped, and you can't sell them either unless they are tekked.


Arsuru: You know, making nothing sounds better than making a measly 10 meseta. To me 10 meseta is a slap in the face. So, good thing you reminded me of the weak pay rate on that. I always noticed that I could take any item to the shop with ??? and I would still be able to define the weapon and make bank on that item. Heck, first thing I'm going to do is disable 2 levels so people can't cheat. I'm level 200, but the level I used could be used at the beginning of the game. I had the experience boost up. But, I am going to take 2 levels off when I edit the game. Well, not get rid of them, but going to disable them until you reach level 70. Battle training and warriors pride. Those 2 levels are a fast way to reach higher levels in a fast amount of time. The Battle Training will become grey, but after that, you can go to warriors pride and ride the waves the whole way to 200. I'm going to disable warriors pride until you hit a certain level so that way I don't have to limit how many times you can play a level. Wait, I'll leave the battle training as it is since it becomes grey after like 3 or 4 runs on that level.

I have a very powerful weapon for my fonewm character. It brought my attack over 1400 but I can't remember the name of it. It looks like a cane that has a sword stuck on the end of it. I use that one. I guess I got lucky when I got that one. Everyone talks about the soul eater, but I really like the weapon I have a ton more. It's pretty balanced. But, I play the game offline, so the rules a bit different on my game. That's probably why I'm so confused, is because online it's decided by whoever runs the server. Offline you can edit the game as you want. But, you can still edit it and then run it on your own server. But, I mainly do this as a fun project for myself and so eventually I can help others or teach them some good strategy.