Quitting PSO2 and selling my meseta.

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Curse Breaker
Hi All:

I checked with Soda and he said I could make this topic.

Long story short: My PSO2 account is on Ship 4, and I'm quitting the game. I've been having a great time here at Ephinea PSOBB, and I don't see myself returning to PSO2.

I have 593 million Meseta saved up.

In the past, most RMT transactions had Meseta going 3.5 million for $5.00 USD.

I would like to get rid of mine, so I'm just gonna sell it 1 million for $1.00 USD.

You don't have to buy all of it, but I wanted to line up buyer(s) for the full amount because I will have to activate Premium to get this done, which only lasts for 30 days.

Any takers?

Please keep all offers to PMs per Soda's request. Thanks.
Not open for further replies.