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Being relatively low level, with both of my characters around 50, sometimes it's nice to play quests that have NPC help (like Warrior's Pride in EP4). They give you back up when you're leveling or rare hunting in One Person mode, which is something I use frequently when it seems like games are full or there aren't many people on line. What are all of the decent quests with NPC assistance? By decent I mean, not Battle Training lol. Quests of high monster count would be ideal, across EP 1, 2, and 4.

Please let me know! Thank you!


usually npc assistance quests are the ep1 "story" quests just like battle training, there are actually a decent amount of those
but you can only do those once each until you've done them all

gallons plan in ep1 gives you a meat shield through forest 1-2 and when you beat it and you tell alicia "YES" you get items you can trade later for joke weapons and an armor
Kan'ei Tsuho (card with charge), a giant lollipop (saber gives 35 mst and is decent for low chars), or a stealth suit (armor lvl 120 makes you transparent also fixes bug when switching guns that bullets are delayed)

warriors pride n pioneer spirits are the best for leveling tho


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List of all(?) the quests with npc followers in "One Person" mode (offline mode on consoles)

Just a few details worth noting before taking on these quests:

- The npcs can be used as "tanks", giving players more safety during combat and allowing them to focus more on damaging enemies instead of running/evading attacks.

- While useful for solo hunting/leveling, the npcs are far from being as effective as other players could be. They should mostly be used as "tanks" and you really shouldn't expect them to support you or even themselves. In fact most of the time it's pretty much the other way around.

- Always keep an eye on their HP/status and heal/buff them when possible.

- If you can't use techs to heal/support them (Cast classes) then use crowd control traps and weapon specials efficiently (Freeze/Paralyse>Confuse) and try to kill monsters as quickly as possible since npcs tend to heal only between fights.

- Mag buffs (Photon Blasts/Bonus Triggers) can be applied on npcs at relatively close range.

- While I've never tried it myself, Star Atomizers should heal npcs at relatively close range but they are uncommon and really expensive to buy from the item shop (5k mesetas) so it's up to you, I don't really recommend using them.

- When you run away from npcs they'll try to follow you, leaving them completely helpless if surrounded by enemies.

- Npcs can get stuck in walls and doors because of their poor path-findind AI. Try to keep an eye on the minimap to make sure you don't lose them along the way. If you happen to lose them, using a telepipe should reset their position by your side.

- Episode 1 -

- You have to complete the quests Magnitude of Metal, Claiming a Stake and Battle Training to unlock the more advanced ones.

- In addition to the 3 quests mentioned above, some of the advanced quests will require other specific quests to be completed in order for them to be unlocked and finally appear at the Guild Counter (read the corresponding notes).

- The notes concerning quest requirements and additional stuff are based on my playthroughs on Ephinea as well as external help from some of our members. It may not always match 100% what is writen in the guides from PSO-World since they're mostly based on older versions of the game from the official Sega servers.

Quest - Follower(s) - Notes

(Basic Quests)

Magnitude of Metal - Elenor Camuel / RAcaseal - Forest 1 - When you reach Elenor, tell her that you're looking for the Mag and she'll join you.​

Battle Training - Kireek / HUcast - Forest 1

(Advanced Quests)

Journalistic Pursuit - Nol Rinale / HUnewearl - Forest 1 & 2

Forest of Sorrow - Alicia Baz / FOmarl - Forest 1 & 2 - Unlocked after completing the quest Native Research. Very good quest to hunt Hildebear, Hildelt, Hildeblue, Hildetorr (skip to Forest 2 with the red telepipe). Lots of boxes to farm tech Amplifiers easily on hard mode with Pinkal ID (Deband Amp/Barta Amp in Forest 1, Resta Amp/Foie Amp in Forest 2).

Gran Squall - Bernie / RAmar - Forest 1 & 2 - When you reach Bernie, tell him that you believe everything about the pleasure boat story and he'll join you.

The Lost Bride - Cicil / FOmarl - Cave 1 & 2 - Be ready to cast Resta on Cicil at any moment. If she gets hit you need to heal her quickly to prevent her from using mates. If she uses too many, the quest will be failed.

The Grave's Butler - Matha Grave / FOmarl - Cave 1 & 2 - To complete the quest you only need to reach and activate the capsule in the room filled with waterfalls and a rainbow (just before the end of the red path in the guide). After the dialogue scene in that room, just proceed to the next hallway and Matha will set a telepipe. Use it to get back on Pioneer 2 and head to the Guild Counter to get your reward. Lots of boxes to farm tech Amplifiers and Barriers easily on hard mode with Pinkal ID (Zonde Amp in Cave 1, Gizonde Amp/Blue Barrier in Cave 2).

The Retired Hunter - Donoph / HUmar - Ruins 3 - Good quest to level up quickly when reaching a new difficulty mode but it can be very difficult on Ult at early lvls (80-100). Lots of boxes and monsters for drops.

Dr. Osto's Research - Sue / HUnewearl - Mines 1 - When you reach Sue, talk to her and he'll join you.

Soul of Steel - Elenor Camuel / RAcaseal & Dr. Montague / FOnewm - Mines 2 & Ruins 3 - Unlocked after completing the quest Doc's Secret Plan.

Doc's Secret Plan - Elenor Camuel / RAcaseal - Ruins 1 - Very good quest to hunt Chaos Sorcerer, Gran Sorcerer,

Seek my Master - Shino / RAcaseal - Ruins 1 & 2 - If you don't talk to Zoke when you find him in the big room, you can go a bit further on the same level for more a few more rooms filled with boxes and/or monsters. Lots of boxes to farm tech Amplifiers and Barriers easily on hard mode with Pinkal ID (Rafoie Amp/Red Amp on Ruins 1, Razonde Amp/Yellow Amp/Red Barrier/Assist Barrier in Ruins 2).

Updates coming soon...

- Episode 2 -

Quest - Follower(s) - Notes

Seat of the Heart - Elly Person / FOnewearl -

Blue Star Memories - Wilm Break / FOmar & Orland / HUmar -

A New Hope - Mr. X / Fomar -

Updates coming soon...

- Episode 4 -

Quest - Follower(s) - Notes

The Warrior's Pride - Ash / HUmar & Bernie / RAmar, Rupika / FOnewearl (optional) - Crater South & Crater Interior

Pioneer's Spirits - Ash / HUmar & Rupika / FOnewearl, Karen / ??? (optional) -

To the End of the Wilderness (Japanese Quest) - Ash / HUmar (optional), Bernie / RAmar (optional), Sue / HUnewearl (optional), Alicia Baz / FOmarl (optional) -

Updates coming soon...

I'll try to keep updating the list until it provides as much useful details as possible for solo hunting/leveling purpose. Feel free to let me know if you see some mistakes or want to add some info. Of course, the list can also be used/modified by the Ephinea staff if they want to move it to a thread of its own etc... ;)

Huge thanks to phantasystarved and Ducks for their help. :)
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I'd go more into detail but I am super-tired right now, hehe.

But all the one-player quests for Ep4 have NPC escorts except for BPD/BPD2. The Japanese titled one is "To the End of the Wilderness", and it's rather unusual in that you have a choice of escorts, or can even go without an escort. Also Sue and Alicia unlock as partners after repeating the quest a few times. And Alicia comes along in addition to one of the others, whereas the first time you complete it you only get to pick one partner.

For ep2 quests you have Seat of the Heart with Elly, Blue Star Memories with the crew from episode 3, and A New Hope with Rico's emo kid or whatever it was, I don't recall.


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Awesome! Thanks for the info phantasystarved, I'll be sure to check out those missions and add them to the list soon. In fact, I want to complete all the solo quests on Ult. It's a thing I've never done back when I was playing on Ep1&2+ on GC and being the completionist that I am I want to see everything the game has to offer, at least for PVE. So I'm slowly cleaning all of Ep 1 atm. :)


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I enjoy going through all the solo content as well! My apologies to those who have heard me say this before, but it's pertinent to this thread - there's secret goals to the Episode 4 quests that unlock a special cinematic when completed.

Warrior's Pride: Complete the Crater Interior portion in time to save the soldier. Easier to do if you find both switches.
The Restless Lion: Complete the quest without returning to town. Scape Dolls can save you from failing this objective.
Pioneer Spirit: Upon doing both things above on the same difficulty, once Rupika says, "I feel like there's something more we can do," return to Pioneer and you can now recruit Karen, which will also unlock the final cutscene.

More background: In the cutscene, Dol Grisen is mentioned, but there will be many who don't know who that is. He is the one that succeeds Tyrell as Principal of Pioneer 2 leading up to the events in Episode 3. From elsewhere on the internet:

"The officer Dol Grisen is a major source of problems for the people of P2. He ousted Tyrell, and demoted him to Environmental Studies position, after he couldn't explain the events of Falz and Olga. Dol is very interested in clone technology, thinking it will give him a huge military advantage and a limitless supply of controllable soldiers. Through his research efforts, the CARD technology is also discovered. He later breaks relations with Coral, and nearly starts a war/rebellion against the home world. Fortunately, this error is resolved, and war does not result. Dol Grisen then turns his attention back to his infamous Clone Army. He realizes there will need to be space and resources available for his new army, so he has the military kill off hundreds of androids to free up what he requires. This terrible massacre is called the OPSS incident. The current military was used to kill the innocent androids. Once Dol and his scientists discover The Germ, he abandons his Clone Army project, in favor of CARD. Not having learned anything at all from the covered-up Olga Flow incident, he dumps all the failed clones in an abandoned lab. (probably being unable to kill them, much like the corrupted Flowen)"

I'll add that the most dangerous of these failed clones are Castor and Pollux, the bosses of Episode 3!


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Slowly updating the list with more content since yesterday. Starting to include links for the corresponding guide for each quest when available. Modified the structure of the list slightly to make it easier to follow and added more stuff in the notes etc... I've yet to play through the Ep 2 quests but I'm trying to focus mainly on Ep 1 & 4 since I'm more experienced with them. I also gave credits for the help provided so far. :)


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Since that's what I've been farming lately, I'm adding info concerning elemental Amplifiers and Barriers in the notes of some of the quests that can be easily used to get them on hard with Pinkal ID. This could be helpful for people who wants to grind xp and collect those items at the same time.
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