Questions on MAGs (a lot of questions...)


Once I get a MAG to lv50, it will evolve. Is there a way to change it again? The mag I have only has 2 Photon Blasts, and I missed my chance to get a 3rd because I wasn't paying attention to the levels xD (this is less important, but I also think it's ugly ._.) I read somewhere that it will change every 5 levels depending on which secondary stat is higher, for example, Mind>Pow>Dex or Mind>Dex>Pow. Will evolving my MAG again effect PBs as well?

And let's say I do have a mag with a 3rd skill already, will evolving it further replace a skill or will those 3 skills be permanently locked?

Another question, once I reach lv100 there is a specific MAG I want for it's looks. (RATI :D) Will reaching level 105 with a different set of stats make it change? Like, if Pow+Mind = Def+Dex but I goof up the equation, will it change to a different MAG or will it be locked onto whatever it evolved to?

Last question, kinda similar to the last. Is there a level where the MAGs will lock and not change anymore? If I have Pow>Mind>Dex but want Mind>Pow>Dex later, how will that effect the evolutions of my MAGs?

(Some side notes: I'm currently raising 3 MAGs. One for a Ranger, one for a Hunter, one for a Force. 2 will be "rare" or "4th evolution," idk which they're called, and the other will probably just be an Ila. I would like to know if the evolutions/changes every 5 levels are the same on both rare and common MAGs.)


1. Once your mag has three photon blasts, it will always have those blasts. There is no overwriting.
2. If your mag is level 50+, it will evolve accordingly every five levels depending on your class and section ID. (level 100, 105, 110, etc.)
3. Rare mags will never evolve once they have become rare mags.

Please see this guide for rare mag information and evolutions:


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To add to the previous answer, you can still learn a 3rd Photon Blast by evolving to the mag with the right PB.
(I believe) it can still evolve to a rare mag pass level 100, granted you haven't accidentally met another rare mag's evolving condition (which will lock the mag's evolution). Note that you need (Stat A + Stat B) = (Stat C + Stat D), so you won't be able to do it at level 105 since 105 is an odd number, but you can do it at level 110, 120, 130, etc.