Quest update for December 27th, 2022(12/27 クエストアップデート)


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Hello hunters!

A new quest was added to the server for the remainder of the Christmas event! This quest is called Solstice Snafu and you can find it under Episode 1 → Event. This is another random spawns quest meant to cover some of the enemies not covered by Christmas Fiasco, and also provides another way to earn some coal. This quest goes through Ruins 1, Cave 3, Forest 2, and then ends with a random Episode 1 boss. The quest also rewards 3 Coal when completed on Ultimate.

This quest is very much in beta and not intended to be as strong as Christmas Fiasco. The wiki page will be created with additional details later today. Please let us know if you find any issues with the quest.

Thank you for playing on Ephinea!

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クリスマスイベントの残り期間に向けて、新しいクエストが追加されました!この「Solstice Snafu」というクエストはEP1 → イベント から受注することができます。クリスマスフィアスコで出現しなかった敵をカバーするためのランダム沸きのクエストで、クリア時には石炭(アルティメットで3個)を獲得することもできます。


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Man, this is awesome. At some point I would like to create an Event Quest aswell. Did that once on a different server. Ephinea is so cool man. Gotta try this asap.
I loved this quest . I wonder if they are adding the same quest on the other episodes for Next events . Good job ans thanks
lolz i went in with no guns on a low lvl and ran out of traps b4 the floating robots gained entire aerial superiority lolz
Well, I don't want to spoil it, but I've never seen an enemy in a caves