PSOBB Masters Guide Ep1&2 Scans Project


Goal: Provide decent scans of the Japanese game book/guide "PSOBB Masters Guide Ep. I&II"

Progress (Scanning Process): 100% (194/194)

Progress (Crop/Digital Cleaning/Straighten): 48% (94/194)

Progress (Additional Cleaning and Quality Check): 5% (10/194)

Download: A sample containing the first 10 pages (that are mostly done) is attached to this post.

Sample Resolution: 1436 x 2129 (15-unit XNConvert Sharpen Filter // 80% JPG Compression)

Note(s): This is a project I've been working on for a while, cleaning dust/grime takes an absurd amount of time. Book has a big amount of wear and tear and discoloration, I've done what I can but I'm no pro. Still trying to improve my digital image cleaning skill too.


  • PSOBB Masters Guide Episode 1&2 (JP) [001 - 010].zip
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