PSOBB Masters Guide Ep I & II Scans (JP)


PSOBB Masters Guide Ep I & II Scans Project

Scanning Process:
100% (194/194)

Cropping/Digital Cleaning: 34.5% (67/194)

QC: 25.3% (48/194)​

Download: A sample of the first page is available in the 'spoiler' tag below.

Note(s): This project was restarted from scratch on 2023/04/20 with a better condition book as a base.


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Hey, I've switched to Linux.
Funny thing, I accidentally installed more than 300 unwanted packages one day by using a dot in a command and pre-confirming the execution (woops!).

Anyway, I need to continue scanning this book.

By the way I've also acquired other Japanese PSO-related guidebooks that will get scanned uhh... someday :)

... just checked the names of the books and they are :
- PSO Episode I&II Players Guide - Ragol Globe Trotter -
- PSO Episode I&II Ultimate Quest x Rare Item Book
- PSO Episode I&II Ultimate System x Story Book
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Hey, I just finished the first step of this project, the scanning process (only the scanning process) is 100% complete. I'm about to back the raw files up to an external HDD and to the cloud (they are 19 GB in size) and if motivation doesn't dip too much I'll be continuing the cropping/cleaning process soon.

When ready, it is likely I'll release the output of this project onto the Internet Archive just like I did with PSOBB Masters Guide Ep IV.
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