PSO Artbooks and Material Books


Recently I've became a digital artbook collector thanks to a site I use, I'm new in the Phantasy Star franchise and I decided to see if my site had PS artbooks, and wouldn't you know, it had a lot.

The list goes like this:
Phantasy Star 0 - Design Works*
Phantasy Star Collection
Phantasy Star Compendium
Phantasy Star Online - Book of Hunters
Phantasy Star Online - EP III - Blue Burst - Visual Book
Phantasy Star Online 2 - Episode 1&2 Settei Shiryoushuu
Phantasy Star Online Ep. 1 - 2 Material
Phantasy Star Portable 2 Material Collection
Phantasy Star Universe - Visual Book

*PS 0 was found thanks to a friend in Discord (it wasn't on the site I use), thanks buddy :)

If anyone wants to see them, I made a mediafire link to anyone download them.
P.S.: I found a not hentai/ecchi doujinshi of PSO from Toru Mizutani/Crank Inn and I decided to don't show since it isn't licensed by Sega or Sonic Team.


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Heya, to complement this share I have uploaded 3.45 Go of scans of official Phantasy Star stuff I gleaned from the web. (~14 books)
Some have been scanned at a really high resolution.

+ Phantasy Star

- Phantasy Star 1, 2, 3 Futabasha Game Book (202 Mo)
- Phantasy Star Collection (231 Mo)
- Phantasy Star Production Compendium (Two sources : 35 / 42 Mo)
- Phantasy Star The End of the Millenium Game Guide Book (95 Mo)
- The Phantasy Star Compendium (47 Mo)
- The World of Phantasy Star (86 Mo)


- Phantasy Star Online Ep III Blue Burst Visual Book (132 Mo)
- Phantasy Star Online Ep.1-2 Material (212 Mo)
- Phantasy Star Online The Book of Hunters (647 Mo !)

+ Zero / Portable / Universe

- Phantasy Star 0 Design Works
(Two sources : 152 / 153 Mo)
- Phantasy Star Portable 2 Material Collection (915 Mo !)
- Phantasy Star Universe Visual Book (146 Mo)

Download Link ->

Download / Share / Mirror as you like !
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Okay, so when I made this thread I tried to contact the creator of that doujinshi, and after all that time, 2 weeks ago I got a reply stating that the contact I found was really the creator.
I'm not going to ask stuff because they put on the reply that their message was google translated, for me at least it would be really difficult to ask stuff if they needed google translate just to answer my question.
I hope that if anyone got interested with a PSO non ecchi/hentai doujin is finally satisfied to know that the creator still can be contacted :D


Hi all, I finished scanning "PSO Ep I&II Official Perfect Guide" recently. At the moment I'm only comfortable sharing copies that were downscaled to 6 Megapixel. I really hope someone with better equipment and with a better condition book scans their copy one day because mine is not in good shape and, while I did all I could to minimize dust, my scans are not clean to say the least...

Also I've packaged v1.1 of my rather amateurish scans of a good condition "PSOBB Masters Guide Ep I&II".

Download / Share / Mirror as you like ->

Edit : I've re-added the previously shared scans that I deleted by accident a while ago, they're all be available at the same link!
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