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  1. Noodl

    Noodl I build space

    Right here c:
    I didn't see one of these anywhere, so I decided to make it c:
    I write things from time to time, and I like to see what others write, so share your soul with me.
    I'll open up with something small.

    Walking down the street late at night
    The phantom beckons yet again
    And I just stare in wonder
    Why? Here?

    A single street light illuminates the shadow
    It holds its hand out
    Trying to help?
    Trying to hurt?

    A familiar smile crawls across its face
    And it touches me
    I step back, contemplating the strange temptation
    Just once more.

    I reach out in turn
    Its smile fades
    I take the hand
    The street light shudders

    The night blooms
  2. kanae

    kanae unhealthy racaseal

    north carolina
    only with me
    only we'll sit
    and only together
    never apart
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  3. Noodl

    Noodl I build space

    Right here c:
    Divine Roulette

    Release me, no, don’t release!
    Say our love is true, not a whim.
    I see the sun waning in the west
    mournfully setting on our utopian jest.
    We are a fairy-tale that does not belong-
    a mockery plot you’ve known all along.
    And now from my life you fade,
    Leaving me in the tomb you made.

    Such is your elegance unsurpassed
    for which many a lonesome heart is cast.
    Your eyes are storms where men can drown
    to hold up your peerless, stately crown.
    My angel, what are you? my dark-haired swan
    who greets the night but not our dawn.
    In infinite hope, I judged not of you
    until I turned aside, and away you flew.

    Did I have a chance?
    or was I ever a fool to hope..
    Your hardened face is a chilling lie
    perhaps masking an inner sigh?
    Yes, a fool to hope, I wish I’d known
    that for your errors you never atone.
    Blinded was I, but the wiser yet
    to have survived your divine roulette.
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  4. Zen

    Zen Member

    Hello Ephinea, I wrote a poem about PSOBB Ephinea, hope you like it:

    Start my SNS combo
    Dob isn't sphered
    Who is this FO
    Jellen focused

    Level 83 HUcast
    DF HP, 150 ATA
    No Zalure cast
    This isn't TA

    Slowly I can see
    That I stand no chance
    Blaming DMC
    I'm dead, you dance
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  5. Neanderthal

    Neanderthal Missing link

    welcome, I'd like to greet my peoples
    been taking records for years
    brought my competition to tears
    still dunno anything about the prequels

    my friends are all elitists jerks
    swinging clubs and ck dreaming
    crying about dmc and their network
    failing and "early" screaming

    I once met revs mother
    I gave her 100hits
    then I opened item maker
    I gave me 100hits

    good morning ephinea
    no reason to introduce myself,
    look it up on your book shelfs
    im the gorilla player
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  6. 16085k

    16085k Member

    Braindeath Island
    Young son growing up, mastered new math
    Played PSOBB, and discovered my newhalf
    I only play FO, cause I can't aim
    So many changes, soon we'll have inferno claw
    But I still can't change my character name
    The only thing more ironic would be
    Susan Collins getting raped by Brett Kavanaugh
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  7. Noodl

    Noodl I build space

    Right here c:
    I'll have to jump on the train of PSO poems.
    *write write*
  8. Noodl

    Noodl I build space

    Right here c:
    I am afraid of the dark
    The inability to see
    The unknown that could be
    Standing in front of me

    I am afraid of heights
    It just feels too far
    Especially if I fall
    And I don’t die

    I am afraid of being alone
    No one caring
    No one knowing
    No one showing me love

    I am afraid of pain
    The burning, searing feeling
    The hole in the heart
    The tearing of skin

    I am afraid of running out of time
    Not doing all I wanted to
    So many regrets
    What did I live for?

    I am afraid of losing my loved ones
    Watching them go
    Being left alone

    But I don’t run.
    Without fear there is no bravery
    Without bravery there is no fight
    Without fighting you can only lose

    So I reach into the darkness
    I stare down the cliff
    I enjoy my own silence
    I bite down on my lip
    I don’t look back
    And I appreciate every moment
    That I was lucky enough to have
    Spent with you
  9. Harborer of Hope

    Harborer of Hope That Others May Live! Staff Member

    Tropical! <3
    Ummmm....It was here Dear.... https://www.pioneer2.net/community/threads/pso-poet-society.606/ <3!
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  10. Noodl

    Noodl I build space

    Right here c:
  11. Noodl

    Noodl I build space

    Right here c:
    Let me paint you the picture of a child beaten and broken as much as his home
    No one to turn to, nowhere to go
    Mother stuck in the bottom of a bottle
    Father angry about the way he looks
    Nothing ever good enough
    Backhand the answer
    Still not good enough
    How about a bloody nose?

    Laying on the floor as the kicks roll in
    One by one
    Screaming, wishing he wasn’t alive.
    Flying down the hallway
    Landing against the wall
    Across the room
    Into the bookshelf
    Pants soaked with piss
    Blood running down his face
    Unable to focus, what just happened?
    Left alone to be a disgrace.

    Running won’t help
    Nowhere to go
    Moving every couple years
    No friends to call his own

    School failing, life fading
    Nothing to care about anymore
    Two younger siblings, blind to it all
    They mustn't know what’s behind the door

    17 years of age.
    Runs away from home
    Gone for 3 days
    Mother turns up on a phone

    “Come home” she pleads
    “Everything will be fine.”
    “Your father is at work.”
    “Come home.”

    Afraid, but wanting to be
    He decides to do it.
    New friend brings him home
    Walks him to the door
    Knock Knock
    Mother answers
    “Welcome home son, come in you’re safe.”
    Inside, door closes.
    Father was right behind the door
    The blows come before he knows it
    The rest is hazy, but it didn’t end well.

    It isn’t all bad. He manages to escape.
    Joins the military.
    Mother goes into rehab

    But he’s left with a flinch.
    He won’t look you in the eye.
    He doesn’t think quite straight
    Nothing is ever good enough
    15 years later
    Nothing is ever good enough
    He can’t talk to people.
    He can’t sleep at night.
    Anxiety is a destructive whirlwind
    Nightmares still continue
    Medicine doesn’t help
    Doctors don’t listen

    What to do, oh, what to do.
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  12. Cassie 9

    Cassie 9 Real Life Red Ring Rico

    Had a strong desire to share. Felt weird to post just the words so I recorded it but I have a cold and I'm very tired LMAO enjoy I guess

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  13. Detourist

    Detourist Detourist#6717

    Portland, OR
    Fear of Wrongful Good

    When I was 28, still didn't know what I was made of
    So I gathered all my hate and traded it for love
    It was hard at the start and I couldn't catch my breath
    But felt better than it did to be a step ahead of death

    And love gave way to another type of pain
    One that saved me from the constant need to gain
    Every single inch that I possibly could steal
    And newly, it truly let me learn to feel

    While devils pray in the darkness in vain
    Angels play with the heartless in pain
    There is only one use I see
    For every single untruth we bleed

    So far out there in the thick mist of the lost
    I can feel it turning from the sickness of frost
    From something undead to something unsaid
    While burning leaves fall instead of the cost

    I am happy, I am sane, I am anything but tame
    I am startled, I'm aggressive, I am anything but ashamed
    Twilight dwindles on these sweet plains
    I'm only frightened by those we've slain
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  14. Alakaboom

    Alakaboom Member

    Chicago Coffin Emporium
    Guildcard 2:
    Just a little something i came up with:

    How do i hate myself
    Let me count the ways
    Something i said
    Resonated for days
    But then from the forest
    A voice recording in many grays:
    A slice of love will show you the way
    My way of showing that here you will stay
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  15. Stella

    Stella ganggang-chan

    roses are red
    violets r blue
    my mom doesnt love me
    blink 182
  16. shadow_FIX

    shadow_FIX ephinea music instructor

    roses are red, violets are blue

    but actually here's a haiku i just wrote quickly:

    am i good enough?
    maybe i am, maybe not
    but i still like me.
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  17. Detourist

    Detourist Detourist#6717

    Portland, OR
    This is a bit of an environmental extraction from my teen years growing up in a small, mountain-side city, just across a river border from one of the biggest, most ostentatious cities in Oregon.


    Old Summers

    Beauty and warmth in the late summer's breeze
    Trails of stories paint the hummingbird's trees
    The frosty mountain range dies every night
    The lost men of the streets lie for just one bite

    Beauty in the fierce eyes of surviving ally cats
    Dancing deceased flowers surround the runway flats
    Waterfront antics still lingering in the sunset
    Long days of juvenile glory dangle over modern debt

    Beauty of the crashing waves upon a river's island
    Frogs and snakes make no mistakes while children chase their brand
    Cheap hypes and songs in our parent's garages
    And all the wrongs beyond us now mirages
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  18. Detourist

    Detourist Detourist#6717

    Portland, OR
    This is what happens when you're depressed and want to make everything rhyme:

    The Lost Art of Losing

    It's the study of a moral
    In the process of its quarrel
    By the time it's had its start
    It's already burned apart
    On the snout of a thousand foot high gargoyle
    Even winter rain drops come to a slow boil
    It can't last long but still longs to last
    And for a song of past dances
    It acts as a cancer of good chances
    And still it can soil all these fancies all but royalties
    And whether carried in it
    Or rather buried with it
    It's, perhaps, rarely unfair
    But when compared instead of shared
    It's the naps which are unfairly rare
    And so we aren't spared of all dares
    As lights dim, dreams brighten
    And senses heighten on a whim
    But truly frightened we are not
    And so newly the fighting has not gotten
    Any sweeter or any less rotten
    How many times will we have forgotten?
    How many times before we're forgotten?
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  19. Detourist

    Detourist Detourist#6717

    Portland, OR
    And so is this:

    Still Will

    Loving winter warmth in old cold-cast hearts
    Wise evening tongues taste the less clever days
    A requiem of solace for the buried restarts
    Every dying light is wanted even from ash trays

    Silver sheens on water's face above the drowning grace
    Sucked below by twisting current in the midnight glow
    It's sickening how finicky all nature runs in place
    But vast and placid are the acres of the killing snow
    And all the bridges in between are nifty with their base

    A delicate diary of untold folds so fiery
    By a bold liar eerily molded for the direly
    All in whole we're here for the wire to be freed
    With gold souls we peer past the mass greed
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  20. Alakaboom

    Alakaboom Member

    Chicago Coffin Emporium
    Guildcard 2:
    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    He feet to big for he god damn shoe

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