Picking Section IDs for Characters 5-8


Hi how ya doin

So I decided to use the second character slot, and while I could figure out Section IDs under the restriction of only 4 characters I'm having trouble sussing out what to give to an additional 3 or 4.

My first slot was RAcaseal (Yellowboze), HUcast (Skyly), FOnewm (Whitill), and RAmarl (Purplenum).

My second slot is gonna be RAcast, HUcaseal, FOmar, and probably just an empty slot for farming S Ranks or possibly a FOmarl when that well dries up. Redria feels like a solid choice but the rest I can't really find anything definitive for.

Help a hunter out? I figure the most essential things were the units those first four characters have access to, but I'm not sure where I should put my stake in the rest of the IDs cuz not all exclusives are worth getting and it feels like all the bases are covered already.