Phantasmal World Tool Suite Updates (mostly to the model viewer)

Discussion in 'General' started by Wilhuf, Jan 17, 2020.

  1. Wilhuf

    Wilhuf Overanalyzer

    42011395 has some new features:

    Internet time (in beats) is now displayed in the top right corner.

    The model viewer now applies textures to the standard character class models.

    You can now link directly to specific models with specific section ID and body. Just copy the URL in address bar after choosing your settings. For example, here's my favorite RAcast.

    I thought people might like having a quick way to explore and share the various character class skins.
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  2. simplify

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    Wow this is amazing
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  3. Wil

    Wil HUmar Scum

    Great work as always <3
  4. MagicLuthee

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  5. PlumpRappy

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    Thanks for this, any chance the texture tab will ever be updated? would be nice to view all the textures in game in a web browser
  6. Wilhuf

    Wilhuf Overanalyzer

    At the moment I don't work on it much, but I might add something like that in the future.
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