PC> Tyrells Parolsol and V502

Some of you might have seen the banner that I found tyrells parasol earlier today while I was hunting a v101 in episode 4 with my humar.

Stats are 0/5/0/0

I was curious if anybody could tell me what it's worth. It was known as pgp on scht.

Also, why I am posting a price check topic, could anyone tell me what a v502 is worth on this server.


I found one too a day or so ago and was also wondering what it's worth. It has some fairly extreme utility for support :)


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Tyrell's is Charge, not Berserk. I agree that it should be low price without hit, though.

Prices in general are going to be a lot lower than Scht simply because PDs are in far, far greater demand than the supply can keep up with. The economy is honestly more of a barter economy than a price check economy.
Thanks guys, that is about what I expected. Tyrells is a nice support for a hunewearl, ramarl, or melee fomarl. But without hit, it doesn't work as a melee weapon for the formarl and the huneys have better options in terms of damage dealing capabilities. It could serve as a lizard basher for one of the female rangers, but otherwise, it's just a novelty item. 2 to 3 sounds about right for it.

Wasn't sure on v502. I was just curious how much they were going for on this server. Thanks for the info.