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I was wondering on a couple things to price check.

First of all I just started here and I'm in need of some essentials so was wondering how much these will cost

Charge mechs 50hit
Charge calibur 50hit
Master raven(these combo locked?
Last swan (
God powers

Just a few things for now. Since I probably won't afford any of them anytime soon unless I play more but soloing sucks. Appreciate any feedback on these thanks a lot guys


Bonsai Trees
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Hbattle (5-7 PDs)
V801 12~ PDs
Last swan 8 PDs
God powers 3-4 PDs

Those are the ones I have knowledge of :0
I agree with Anime's numbers aside from last swan. I think the supply and demand for this weapon will probably make it higher at 10 to 15 pds.

Charge Mechs 50 hit vulcans 2 pds, other mechs 1 pd
Charge Caliber 50 hit 1 to 2 pds DF is combo locked so not many people looking for material for it.

Mesetta varies on the seller and supply and demand. The standard for the server is 4 pds to a stack. However, there are several shops selling it in the 3pd range and I sold 2 stacks the other day for a pd and 6 mind mats. However, I had 6 million mesetta and no place to store it, so that won't be a common thing.
Thank you guys for your price checks. Once you said DF was combo locked like I remember it being in gc days I fully lost a lot of interest in starting over XD