PC> Swordsman Lore/Proof of Sword-Saint


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Got it as a last minute drop in a 4C run and was wandering what to do with this, should I keep it or sell it?


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POSS can be great if you want to use a hitless Excal on a HU with %s in two other areas. It's a tough call. I paid 6 PDs for a Lore several months ago, but with the new charts they have to be worth more now, as they seem harder to get. 10 to 15 PDs maybe?


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does it work with girasole?

Doesn't look like it:
I had posted this before in Ultima, POSS works with these items (taken directly from the client)
// Kaladbolg
// Durandal
// Galatine
// Two Kamui
// Orotiagito
// Raikiri
// Delsaber's Buster
// Lavis Cannon
// Ancient Saber
// Yamigarasu
// Elysion
// Red Saber
// Musashi
// Yamato
// Asuka
// Sange & Yasha
// Sange
// Yasha
// Kamui
// Excalibur
// Kusanagi
// Guren
// Shouren
// Jizai
// Flamberge
// Shichishito
// Murasame