PC> Serval things to buy


Yeah I want some prices on items to buy instead of selling so I know how many PD's and PC's etc I need to save up in case I can't or don't want to hunt stuff myself

Limiter/Adept (price on both)
Blue Odoshi Violet Nimaidou
White or Orange Rati 5/135/60/0 with at least Twins.
Panther Tail 5/135/60/0 with at least Twins.
Material prices - Power/Evade/Mind/Luck/HP/TP

Might bump it in the near future for more. Thanks in advance.


Whitill Privilege
Limiter/Adept - 25 - 30/35 - 40
Cent/Ability - Not sure, guesstimating 6 to 8ish due to low overall demand
BOVN - 5
Rati - 8
Panther - 8 (your cell)
Pow - 1:5/6
Mind - 1:6/7
Luck - 1:1
Evade - lol
HP - 1:3
TP - probably 1:2 or 1:2.5, but not many sellers


Limiter: 30-40 PDs (currently going for 40 at places but price is dropping)
Adept: +10 PDs of Limiter
C/Ability: Not entirely sure. 6-9?
BOVN: 3-5 (depending on seller)
Rati: 6-8 (depends on who's farm)
Panther Tail: Isn't this from Item Ticket? Correct me if I'm wrong.
Power: 1:6-6.5
Mind: 1:7
Evade: 1:50
Luck: 1:1
HP: 1:3
TP: 2-2.5:1 (good luck)


Right. I need most of that stuff multiple times for 3 of my characters so I know what to save up or to hunt myself. Materials will most likely be found anyway but if I want to speed it up it's nice to have a estimated price.

Limiters seem to become my biggest bottleneck and I need 2 of them.