Pc>Lavis Cannon


I think there is like 2 on server, and one is x-mas event 0'd. So because none have been bough or sold there's no comps to price it by. It's basically worth what you'd let it go for I would say its not only rare but good (IMO) so I would price it highly. I would sit on it till after the event and see how many x-mas ones dropped and what they go for Or start an auction and see what the community will pay. :)

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There's actually ~5 on the server B)
I'll say 25-75 PDs judging by the rarity and taking %'s into account.

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In my opinion all zeros is 30 pds roughly. 75 pds is a overkill unless it got very high % then who knows but lavis isnt that good compared to its rarity it's mainly used for df and opining boxes. DC has decent atk but can be outshined by bkb in combat