PC>Cure Units for Team Points



I have several Cure/Freeze and Cure/Paralysis units that I'm looking to trade for team points. I'm hoping to get maybe 10 TPs for Cure/Para and 20 TPs for Cure/Freeze. A few questions:

1. Does this seem like a fair trade?
2. Is the best way of doing this to just have people give me weapons that are worth 10 TPs, or is there a better way?
3. In my experience, the freeze units are just a little more valued than para, is that true?

Obviously, I don't need to accept any items that have good stats or hit since that isn't taken to account with team point weapons values.

Thanks for the help!


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Useful Cure Units are valued at about 1 PD, while some say 1 PD is worth about 50 TP. There are two extra factors: Cure Units have less demand than PDs, and people nowadays probably have a ton of junk rares, so you have to adjust the ratio accordingly.

Keep in mind that this is just my opinion.

Trading TP can only be done by trading the weapons themselves, or trading the 500/1000/10000 TP coupon. Since you're unlikely to trade for that much TP, trading junk weapons is the only method.