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Hi, I understand that it is possible to switch between the English and Japanese version of PSO. I'm unable to use other languages in the English version, and would assume one would be able to type Japanese in the Jap client. Is it possible to use other language inputs on the English version of PSO, considering I'm a newb and can only speak conversational Japanese (actually Chinese but with kanji i can understand some stuff) and would like to converse with the Jap community without having my quests and everything else in Jap? If so how could I get it to work? Tried inputting Chinese PinYin, but it doesn't allow me to switch to the Chinese portion of the language pack, only English.


You could patch the IME to JP on the fly, but that would require yet another launcher, a while ago I suggested Tofu to add that patch to his launcher.
As for other languages, I'd like to know that too... I haven't messed up with the client to see what it does with those values tho.


I don't know if you would be able to use chinese, but I was talking about JP IME, you can modify the client's memory during startup to use JP without actually having to patch the whole client, quests, etc.
You wouldn't need to add/remove files.

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If BB is anything like PSO PC, you can type in any language you want, as the game simply uses the Windows IME. You need to configure a keyboard layout for the language you want within Windows and then use one of the Control + [0-9] shortcuts to switch from English to that layout. The IME only works properly under Windows XP, though; things like the Kanji popup menu for Japanese don't work under Windows Vista and later, and Direct Input doesn't work, either. If the client is patched to allow Direct Input, then you can't use the IME at all, as current patches enable Direct Input by breaking the IME. If you want both, you have to use XP at present.


the most stupid simple and crude workaround:
1. set language to jp
2. download all patches
3. rename psobb.exe to ime.exe
4. set language to en or custom
5. download all patches
6. use ime.exe to start game

dk said:
Meanwhile.. while US users were figuring this out The Japanese version of the client was still being updated. Sometime before December 27, 2010 (which was when the Japanese game support closed down for good) the client was updated to support Windows 7. Unfortunately I don't know which version in particular did this. With that update you no longer needed to use the above workaround (if you were playing in the US on Vista/7).
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PSOBB fully supports JAPANESE, CHINESE and LATIN on its own. For the rest, you need a client fix. However, the game in its original state is very sensitive when it comes to keyboard inputs as having the same language over different ones may produce different results.