Oh no, that guy!


I never made an introduction in this forum, might as well take the opportunity and announce myself as well.

I'm K_I_R_E_E_K, a very old PSO v2 player that has made his way to lvl 200 in that game a long time ago, some of you might recognize me because you saw at some point in time my name in other servers or communities, even if my posts are rare, i am there watching, checking content and news.

Some call me an annoyance, others say i'm reliable, others call me a legend, in the end i'm just a PSO fan like many of you out there.

You might also recognize me for other things, namely great quality screenshots (some of them being unique given the high resolution), skins (like ports, original skins and even a popular pso v2 hud) or even my blog, many of you know that i will often speak my mind even if it makes ppl salty.

After my approach on schthack (that i used to gather some info on how to do certain screenshots) i went to 2 other servers, namely ultima and eden, this time however i asked for permission to do certain things and they were granted, i still had to obey certain rules, but i had a certain freedom regarding game manipulation.
As servers started to grow, switching back and forth between servers was becoming a pain, so i stickied to eden, they seemed more reliable and professional on the matter and luckily i was able to use certain tools to further improve either my screenshots or my recordings, a great thanks to eden staff btw, tofuman being one of them.

That means i do not plan on playing here as i already have a place to do what i want at Eden, still i will keep coming here, checking things out and speaking my mind if the topic has any interest to me, for now i don't have many reasons since i don't play PSO as much as i did, I'm currently playing another game called Warframe, so you might find me there as well.

If you like skins, certain projects, tools or news about PSO, then maybe you will find something of interest in my Blog.

Can't wait to see how this server evolves.


Ah, yes, it's "that guy," indeed. I have seen a few posts from your blog but haven't been following it regularly. Time to change that, I think, if I want to be more PSO-savvy. At any rate, it's good to see you here; I'm also looking forward to this server's development... seems promising so far!