Odd stat reset bug (screenshots attached)

Powder Keg

This one is interesting, no idea what the hell happened here, but luckily everything seems okay when logging back in.

I used a photon blast in the moth room in WoF and suddenly all of my stats reset to pretty much nothing. The same thing caused a crash before but in the bigger room yesterday, not sure if doing this can potentially cause problems..

My Section ID Is backflip! :

Stats gone wonky:

It was pretty scary, but again, everything seems fine after closing the client and logging back in. I'll update if I notice anything else.


Staff member
I've never seen or heard anything reported like this and the server has been up since August. Could very well be a bug with the quest as it is new or something messed up with your computer's RAM? I am assuming you weren't using any sort of trainers as well.

Powder Keg

Nope. I've had the client crash a few times, but nothing out of the ordinary really. This particular quest seems to cause more problems than usual, though...which is a shame since it's a fun one. Crashed once when I used a PB, then this when I also used a PB. Think with the number of enemies it's doing more than the game can handle?


The game does a buffer overflow when there are too many enemies/objects, however this normally amounts to over 400 monsters spawned at the same time and it doesn't exactly overflows over character data, you'd crash before it starts affecting your game in an unusual way.