-NYT Ravens Radical Retail -

NYT Raven

Heya it's NYT Raven :p All items on the list are CURRENT and will be updated regularly!

I also do provide a service doing Gallon shops quest to obtain Hunter/Ranger/Force walls for 2POWER mats or 1 HP mat each Shield...

aswell as making Rare mags. Mags I specialize in are Rati/Diwari/Sato. Must provide Color/Photon blast/Desired stats I will however make any mag jus LMK. A lvl 200 Custom mag will be 7PDs. Custom Lvl100 will be 4PDs

-Photon Drops
-Photon Crystals
-Ranger gear *guns/units/armors/Ranger usable melee weapons*
-Luck/HP/Power Mats

.../ lame D'argent/ CANNON ROUGE / BLACK HOUND CUIRASS*not a big want but culd use* / / OPHELIE SEIZE W/30+HIT / HEAVANLY ARM /cheap. God-arm like 1pd :p / STAR AMPLIFIER / / BRINGERS ARMorRIFLE / HOLY RAY W/30+HIT / GRATIA / MAGIC STONE IRISTA // Custom Barrier ver00 /40+Hit Hell gungnir /40+Hit Arrest raygun /40+Hit hell raygun / 40+Hit Blizz raygun *not a biggy, jus a test item* /custom S ranks / 35+H Inferno Bazooka / that concludes my wants asfar as equipment goes. tho I may have missed something so dont be sacred to offer items not on my list. My wants list is specifically for barter purposes, I have no pds ft... ITS A BARTER BABY -insert austin powers voice/face.

Take a look around and PM/Post if your interested in any items ! :) Happy Hunting folks.

If you dont agree with my posted price, or maybe a lil short... shoot me an offer well work something out

Lvl30 Shifta / Deband / Resta

60H Charge Raygun- Offer
Blue Odoshi Violet Nimaidou armor 1slot - offer

30h stag cut 2pd
Phonon Maser- 0/0/0/0 ---- 2PDs
Ophelie Seize- 15/0/0/20 ----1PD
Final Impact- 0/0/0/0/15Hit ----1PD

Premade S-RANK shot 5PD

Bravace+22 x/x/x/x/45H - 3PDs
L&K14 combat - x/x/x/x/40H = 1PD
H&S25 justice x/x/x/x/25-35H = 2pwr mats or 1hp
Heavenly HP - 4PDs
Heavenly power - 7PDs
Diska of Bravemen-- --3PWR mats or 1hp + 1pwr
God Hand+22 0/50/0/0 --- 1PD
Inferno Bazooka --- 3PWR mats or 1hp + 1pwr
Photon Launcher 0/35/0/0 --- 2PWR mats or 1HP
Elysion --- 3Pwr Mats or 1hp + 1Pwr
Yunchang 0/30/0/0 --- 3Pwr Mats or 1HP + 1PWR
Kaladbog --- 2PWR mat or 1HP

Guard Wave 1slot 173DFP - 110EVP --- 2PDs
Sacred Cloth 1slot 100DFP - 53EVP --- 2PWR mats or 1hp
Yata Mirror 40DFP - 200EVP &&& 43DFP - 211EVP -- 1PD

DBs shield ---2PWR mats or 1HP
Amplifier of gibarta - 2PD
500k meseta -1PD

Lvl 100sato/Diwari/Rati **your choice in color/stats/pb**must have 45dex** 4pds

Lvl200 Sato/Diwari/Rati **your color / stat / pb blast choice** 7PDs

Lvl30 Resta- Shifta- Deband

LVL 28 SPELLS 1PD each
Shifta- -Deband- -Rafoie-

Foie- -Rafoie- -Zonde- -Gibarta- -Shifta- -Resta

Lvl20 Shifta- 1PD
Lvl20 Zalure- 1PD
Lvl20 Resta- 1PD
2PWR or 1HP mat each -Barta- -Gibarta- -Rabarta- -Zonde- -Gizonde- -Foie- -Gifoie-

Lvl15 Zalure- 1PD
Lvl15 Shifta- 1PD
Lvl15 Rafoie- 3pwr mat or 1pwr +1hp
Lvl15 Gizonde- 2pwr mat or 1hp
Lvl15 Razonde- 3Pwr mat or 1hp + 1 pwr
LVL15 Rabarta = 2Pwr mat or 1hp
LVL15 Gibarta -- 2pwr mat or 1hp
LVL15 Barta -- 2pwr mat or 1hp
Lvl15 Resta- 2pwr mat / 1hp mat

Berserk Vulcan x/x/x/x/35H - 3PWR mats
Berserk Ripper 35/0/0/0/40H - 3PWR mats

Charge Arms 25/0/0/5/30H = 2Pwr mats
Charge Claymore 0/0/0/0/30H =1 pwr mats or 1hp
Charge Diska 0/0/0/0/30H=3Pwr mats or 1hp + 1 pwr
Charge Raygun 0/0/0/0/30H- 2pwr mat
Charge Laser 35/30/0/0/30H ** 2pwr mats
Charge Laser 40Hit -- 3PWR mats
Charge Vulcans 30Hit --- 2PWR mats
Charge Vulcans +5 0/30/0/0/40H ---3PWR mats
Charge Gladius 40Hit -- 3PWR mats
Charge ripper 0/0/0/0/30H=2pwr mats

Riot Gungnir 50Hit - 1PD only 3left
Arrest Arms 35H --- 2PWR mats
ARREST Calibur x/x/x/x/35H - 1pd *only have 1*
Hell Raygun x/x/x/x/30H - 2pds **only have 1**
King Diska 30H -- 2PWR mats

Lvl100 Mint Green Sato 5/0/45/50 -4PD --Can lvl it to 200 for 6PDs. *with ur desired stats*
Lvl100 White Sato 5/50/45/0 -4PDs --Can lvl it to 200 for 7PDs. "with ur desired stats*
ihave other lvl 100 satos jus pm the color ud like.

Blade Dance- 0/0/0/0 -&&- 35/0/0/0 =2pwr mats
Bloody Art- 0/20/10/0 =2pwr mats or 1HP
Double Saber- Too many various % to list. inquire through a PM for more information =2pwr mats or 1HP
Kaladbolg-20/30/0/15 = 2pwr mat or 1hp + 1 pwr
Musashi- 0/0/0/0 -1pwr mat
Stag Cutlery- 0/0/0/15 -&&- 15/30/0/0 =3pwr mats or 1pwr + 1HP
Yamatos- 0/15/0/30/20H =1PD -&&- 0/0/25/0 =2pwr mats or 1HP.

Crush Bullet- Various % ask for more details =2pwr mats
Gush laser+8- 0/0/0/0/20H =1pwr mats or 1HP
H&S25 Justice- 25/30/0/0 =1pwr mats or 1HP
Inferno Bazooka- 30/0/15/0 && 0/0/15/0 =3pwr mats or 1pwr + 1HP
L&K14 Combat- 15/0/0/0/30H +20 =3PWR mats - 1pwr + 1hp
M&A60 Vise- 25/0/0/0 -&&- 0/35/0/0 =2pwr mats or 1HP
Rianov 303SNR - 2pwr mats or 1hp
Varista- 0/0/30/0/15H = 3Pwr mats or 1pwr + 1hp
Amplifier of Foie
Amplifier of Anti =2pwr mats or 1hp
Mace of adaman- 15/45/0/0 -&&- 25/0/20/0
Mahu- 0/0/15/20 =2pwr mats or 1hp
Talis- 0/0/0/0 =2pwr mats or 1hp

if your lookin for a certain spell/lvl jus pm me and ill stash check fer u
Various green lvls 4slot Armors =1pwr mat

Booma Right Arm =1pwr mat
Grass Assassin Arms =3Pwr mats or 1 hp + 1pwr
Hildebear Head =2pwr mats or 1hp
Rappy Beak- 3Pwr mats or 1hp + 1pwr
Rappy Wing =2pwr mats or 1hp
LVL140 Rati / ORANGE / Mylla&Youlla/Estlla/Pilla / ---5/85/50/0 - 5pds
LVL 100 Rati / ORANGE / Mylla&Youlla/Estlla/Pilla/ ---5/45/50/0 - 3pds

NYT Raven

Re: - Ravens Radical Retail -

Went through every item and removed items sold aswell as updated with new stuffs... Happy hunting!


NYT Raven

Yea most of the premades are the exact pb blast n order. I'll dbl check colors when I can mint green i forsure have but cyan I think I'm in the process of completing one

NYT Raven

Thought u told me to wait until u were 100% . I currently do have a L60cyan I can lvl but I wuld needa start fresh on a 2nd one if u want more then 1