No Subject, Just Prospects.


Secret Agent
What's up. I see a lot of familiar faces here already. I was talking with NDW, a good friend from a team we had on another server, and I'm glad to be a part of the first wave of newcomers to a completely vanilla PSO:BB experience. I prefer it that way. :cool:

Anyways, looking forward to checking it out. Hope you keep it running for a long time, Sodaboy. ;) And for those familiar faces, let's get some games going!


Welcome to Ephinea, Kevdo!

I am happy to see a fellow teammate and long time friend join this server.

I know we will work together to revive The Agency and make it one of the best teams on this server! :cool:


Secret Agent
Thanks for the warm welcome guys. Already met a few cool people yesterday, that was fast! Haha.


Welcome to the server! bit of a late Welcome, better late than never!
I hope you enjoy Ephinea and I look forward to meeting you in game!