Hello guys !

First, apologize for my bad english, you'll understand why further :D

I will introduce myself since I tried the server and actually enjoy it a lot.
Alexis, 23 yrs old from France, I played a lot on GC (about ~ 3000 hrs) and also on schthack in old good times.

As a student I have sometimes moments to spare and decided to come back on this game. The server seems really great and fair, people yet I met are nice and friendly so I will stay here and contribute as much as I can.

I really appreciated the way we can download our characters data and I'm currently working on a .psochar viewer/editor if needed by some of you.
After it's done, I would like to contribute by making suggestions to Soda and other GMs (like a simple offline character/stats/items/bank viewer on website for example)

It's a great work you guys all did and many thanks for keeping this game alive..
See you on Fodra !


NezQuiCoule said:
Thank you all ! :D
Hey Colette ! For sure, many people call me Nesquick
Did we already meet on another game ?


I either remember you from ultima or scht, though on ultima I was simply playing on a friends accounts. I definitely remember a FOnewm named that though.