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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by CodySlippin, May 1, 2020.

  1. CodySlippin

    CodySlippin Member

    Heyo, just starting out on this server and looking for people to play with! :) Played a ton during the Dreamcast days and currently am playing PSO2, but nothing beats the predecessors aesthetics.

    Would love to join a team as well if you're recruiting!
  2. 42002433-Jay Chan

    42002433-Jay Chan Member

    Welcome! I will be on all day today streaming so maybe ill see you around!
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  3. Harborer of Hope

    Harborer of Hope That Others May Live! Staff Member

    Tropical! <3
    EEEeeeeee!!! *POUNCES and looks over carefully while wearing a tiny PINK HAZMAT suit!* Yet Another Old Guard Dreamcaster has fallen victim to the Topless Siren Song of Nostalgia and washes up upon our little tribes shore! You won't have to wait long to play wiff most of us dear! Our server community tends to focus a lot on our newer players~! <3 Simply create a room with "I'm NEW!" or "Nooblet" or "Help!" and its like Blood in the water! Ppl will swoop in and try halping best they can! As for'll want to go to the Teams section to look into getting recruitededed! <3 GL! And looking forward to pouncing and playing wiff you too Cody-san! Welcome Home! =3
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  4. 42002433-Jay Chan

    42002433-Jay Chan Member

    check it out im live rn :) so much fun!

    8 hour stream still going strong, ill try and make it a 12 hour stream! lets see if I can make level 50! also got my mag to level 50 phewww!

    Stream offically ended near the 10 hour mark! what a great day, i will make a new thread and post tomorrow for anyone that wants to tune in tomorrow :)
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