New to Ephinea, trouble installing


So I visited this page and got the full download of a Tethealla compatible client thanks to Tofuman. Extracted it with Winrar, read the "readme.txt", which indicated that I needed to click the "install.reg", did that, made a shortcut for online.exe, did that. It boots up fine, so i entered by username and password then hit start game (after changing some of the settings to windowed mode, 32 bit colors, higher resolution, etc). However, I then see a message that says:

Path server connection failed.
The server may be under maintenance.
Please check the current news updates on the Official Site."

So I checked the Official Site, and it appeared that there were around 30 people online at the time, so something must be wrong with my installation.

So I come here for any suggestions. Would really like to get back into PSO, I've played on another server that semi-recently fell to pieces (I'm sure you know which one I'm talking about). I am aware that there is another installation post here, but I was under the assumption that by getting the "full download of Tethealla compatible client thanks to Tofuman", I wouldn't have to mess with anything else. Help please? :)


Hmmm... Now when I click on online.exe, then start game, a tiny pop-up appears that says "Failed to update files". Any other ideas?


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Please, please, PLEASE read the read me file that installs on the desktop after installing the game.


OOOPS, I'm sorry, I'm using windows 10 and I thought that only applied to those users who currently use windows XP! Thanks!