New Quests and their list placements


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I've noticed that new quests that get added are being put at the top of the quest lists, pushing others down. For example, Tyrell's Ego is now the top quest under VR, and Rampage D is the top quest under Extermination, pushing Towards the Future and Point of Disaster down to 2nd on their lists respectively.

I know this is an extremely minor quip, but it's screwing with my muscle memory, and adding further new quests will just make it worse. So I figured I'd make this thread before too many custom quests got added.

Could these new quests--as well as any quests added further--be placed at the bottom of their categories instead of the top?

EDIT: Posted this thread in an extremely wrong section, could a moderator move this to General? Thanks.
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Do you even .beats?
I understand completely. I was doing runs and the next thing I knew I was in some weird quest.