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Hello Hunters!

A new quest has been added to Ephinea! Help Hopkins find his SPIRIT STRIKER he lost when battling Saint Milion!

You can find this quest under Episode 4 → Retrieval.

The gimmick for this quest is randomized spawns. What this means is that most spawn waves in many rooms of the quest have a random selection of enemies from a possible set of enemies. This makes an exact enemy count impossible because every run should have different spawns, although the spawn generator is setup to provide reasonable counts for what you would expect.

Enemy counts from example runs below to give you an idea of the monsters. There is very little variation in the Girtablulu count, but the other enemies can spawn in fewer or greater numbers.

Zu: 47
Goran Detonator: 70
Merissa A: 101
Yowie: 105
Sand Rappy: 81
Goran: 130
Pyro Goran: 108
Saint-Milion: 1
Giratblulu: 20
Satellite Lizard: 69

Zu: 50
Goran Detonator: 77
Merissa A: 96
Yowie: 91
Sand Rappy: 77
Goran: 122
Pyro Goran: 118
Saint-Milion: 1
Giratblulu: 20
Satellite Lizard: 73

Zu: 55
Goran Detonator: 81
Merissa A: 84
Yowie: 99
Sand Rappy: 77
Goran: 136
Pyro Goran: 111
Saint-Milion: 1
Giratblulu: 21
Satellite Lizard: 80

Zu: 55
Goran Detonator: 74
Merissa A: 95
Yowie: 99
Sand Rappy: 65
Goran: 139
Pyro Goran: 113
Saint-Milion: 1
Giratblulu: 21
Satellite Lizard: 74

Zu: 51
Goran Detonator: 72
Merissa A: 91
Yowie: 101
Sand Rappy: 82
Goran: 132
Pyro Goran: 114
Saint-Milion: 1
Giratblulu: 21
Satellite Lizard: 76

Zu: 52
Goran Detonator: 78
Merissa A: 97
Yowie: 96
Sand Rappy: 79
Goran: 128
Pyro Goran: 107
Saint-Milion: 1
Giratblulu: 21
Satellite Lizard: 75

Zu: 52
Goran Detonator: 67
Merissa A: 96
Yowie: 88
Sand Rappy: 73
Goran: 118
Pyro Goran: 106
Saint-Milion: 1
Giratblulu: 21
Satellite Lizard: 76


Curse Breaker
I played it. It's awesome!

It's really fun when you can't just memorize everything. A spawn appears and your brain has to do a quick extrapolation to figure out "how do I best approach this wave" in about 2 seconds. It's exhilarating!

Thank you, Ender!



This is what we need more of and the absence of has been the reason I play so many free runs!!!
I will be playing the living shit out of this mf!!!
Now all we need is a quest that randomizes the map variants and/or types of enemies in addition to enemy counts!

Observe exhibit A:

Pioneer 2 >
De Rol Le >
Mountain Area ( 19 Nano Dragons, 27 Dark Gunners, 34 Sand Rappies, 11 Sinow Blues) >
Crater Interior (17 Grass Assassins, 41 Tollows, 19 Belras, 22 Ul Gibbons) >
Gol Dragon >
Forest 1 (9 Astarks, 22 Delsabers, 53 Gees, 13 Gibbles, 12 Pan Arms)>
Tower 2 (11 Merikles, 26 Merissa As, 48 Savage Wolves, 21 Dark Bringers) >
Cave 3 (17 Sinow Spigells, 18 Ill Gills, 39 Ob Lillies, 56 Bartles, 24 Gi Gues, 16 Dorphons, 20 Delbiters) >
Pioneer 2

I hold much faith in the few.

[Edit: Add random traps into the boss rooms to make fighting them harder, put more enemies into hallways and turn the lights off in boss rooms with a bunch of fake on switches and only 1 real one! It would be like medicine ball dodgeball in the dark!]
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