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Hello Hunters!

A new quest named "Random Attack Xrd REV 1" has been added to Ephinea under Episode 1 → Maximum Attack. This quest is my take on an Episode 1 randomizer in the spirit of the existing Xrd quest.

The quest contains all of Episode 1's standard maps excluding Caves 2 and Ruins 2. The Battle maps Spaceship and Palace also appear in the quest. In total there are 10 floors and 4 bosses defined in the quest. Each run will randomly be assigned four floors, where Forest 2, Caves 3, Mines 2, and Ruins 3 each has a 2/3 chance of leading you to the area's boss before the next floor. You will average roughly one boss per run, but it is possible to get all four! The non-battle maps each contain a split with a vastly different set of monster counts.

There were some other quest updates a couple weeks ago.

1. The MA4 ticket overflow issue in MAE: Episode 1, MAE: VR, MAE: GDV, and MAE: Episode 4 was fixed.
2. The movement bug in those MAE quests when returning to Pioneer 2 was also fixed.
3. Xrd REV 4 received a couple of bug fixes and some additional enemies on the Girtablulu route in Desert 3.
4. The dialogue for the MA4 tickets in Random Attack Xrd Stage in Episode 1 was removed because the tickets were not actually granted.
5. The server was undercounting the helpers for Falz, which caused a monster ID alignment issue for quests that used Falz and the battle maps. This meant drops in Xrd Episode 1 were often for the wrong enemy on the floor in the battle maps*, causing Sinows to often drop nothing. This was an issue on Ephinea since the beginning of the server, and this was fixed over the weekend.

We hope you enjoy this quest and thank you for playing on Ephinea!
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Posting the total monster counts for Xrd REV 1 here until I parse them nicely per floor for the wiki.

Hildebear: 53
Rag Rappy: 35
Monest: 8
Savage Wolf: 35
Barbarous Wolf: 19
Booma: 43
Gobooma: 42
Gigobooma: 46
Dragon: 1
Grass Assassin: 35
Poison Lily: 65
Nano Dragon: 38
Evil Shark: 76
Pal Shark: 42
Guil Shark: 65
Pofuilly Slime: 13
Pan Arms: 15
De Rol Le: 1
Dubchic: 31
Gilchic: 74
Garanz: 27
Sinow Beat: 62
Sinow Gold: 42
Canadine: 145
Canane: 13
Dubswitch: 9
Vol Opt: 1
Delsaber: 47
Chaos Sorcerer: 36
Dark Gunner: 29
Chaos Bringer: 35
Dark Belra: 37
Dimenian: 53
La Dimenian: 34
So Dimenian: 30
Bulclaw: 13
Claw: 46
Dark Falz: 1

Also I am now aware the battle maps have no bgm. I'll figure out something for them.
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