New player here from Ultima


Hey everyone whats up? Until a few days ago I was a dedicated player on Ultima server. It does have a great community, and they do have some cool server exclusive items. However, the economy is getting to the point where its getting so messed up (because of donating players) , and there are alot of things that need/should be fixed there. So I decided to try out ephinea since ive heard a bit about it. So far im really enjoying this server. I love the leaderboards, and how there is no P2W system here. Economy seems to be doing great, and I really like how the currency is simply just pds and pc for the most part. As opposed to people trading with donation tickets over half the time. Way to go on the nice server guys, hope to see some of you around. ^^ My ign will be Zyga or juice most of the time.


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Welcome to Ephinea! I'm Cyan in-game, hope to see you around!

One of my favorite things about seeing new players join is seeing what their favorite features are, since the server has so many exclusive ones.


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Welcome home. If you had a high level character on Ultima don't forget to read this page.

When transferring and importing your character into a Normal account, the following things occur:

  • Your character's level will be halved.
  • Your character's material use, including HP and TP materials, is reset.
  • Your character's items, including those that are in the bank, are deleted.
  • You will be given starting equipment relative to your level.
  • Your learned technique levels will be halved.
  • Your quest progress is reset.
  • Your challenge data is reset.
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haha thanks for the warm welcome everyone! yeah ive already transferred 2 characters from ultima ^^ @Colette your avatar looks very familiar ;) think i may know who you or your roommate is aha.