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Hello. Just created an account. What should a Old Gamecube player know about this server?
Know that you're not alone fellow GCer! You will find a lot of interesting new additions to your glory days of Gamecube online....or when u were Offline for that matter lol. While in the lobby, simply type /help and bask in the uberness of what makes Ephinea awesome! Oh, and in case no ones told you yet..... Welcome Home! =3


Know that this server is awesome! Even though I don't play online, the community is wonderful! Whether you play online or just hang out in the community forum, either way works. This community is made up of friendly people. They put a lot of work into patches (I must thank Tofuman for his hard work on that one) and literately made the game a better place. As long as you're good to the community, they will be good to you :)


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Hello and welcome ^^.

What to know...

Sandbox is the new TA.
Vex likes to battle and mention it in everypost.
If you have a question, the ask a question thread, NDW, or Matt are good for finding info out.
Mew will hunt you down like a madman to ensure you simply get a welcome hug.
Everyone loves pso and is generally cool..
Im crazy.
And some in game stoof you will find out sooner or later..
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TTF (Towards the Future) is your best friend for fast experience. It's a quest that is basically just a quick episode 1 boss run. I didn't know about it before I came here so I thought I'd share in case you didn't either. :)

Also, just make sure to carefully plan your character and mags early on. There are some max stat guides here on the forums and elsewhere around the interwebs. Don't want you to waste your time on a character that you eventually don't like!


lmao gae bolg
Hello. Just created an account. What should a Old Gamecube player know about this server?
Hey Devinn! Welcome to Ephinea! A few things:
  1. Alt+keys do emotes, except for Alt+Backspace. Alt+Backspace kicks you to PSO's start menu.
  2. If you have a hardcore character and you die in game, you die in real life.
  3. Make sure you turn on /showwep to see what rares you and your party pick up without having to go to the tekker.
  4. Sato is best mag. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Here are a couple guides to make them: Link1 & Link2
  5. Hit END (or whatever key/button brings up quick chat/symbol chat for you) when someone activates a Photon Blast to donate 10 points (up to 30) of your PB gauge to power it up. If you donate to Mylla & Youlla you get their buffs, and you can even donate if you're dead (not in real life though) and if you donate to Mylla & Youlla you'll get revived!