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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Cosmic, Nov 6, 2018.

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    There's been a disturbing trend that's killed off most of my favorite franchises :(. Essentially focusing on marketing and relying on micro transactions to save a half assed attempt of making a game, which you know is more than possible if the intention was of doing so. Bethesda comes to mind with Skyrim and everything to follow being a glaring example. It was so lazy and half assed with the later entries being even worse. Fable is dead, assassin's creed series same as fallout and elder scrolls, time splitters sadly died, and Phantasy Star not only isn't coming west anymore but is so far from what I'd want that I wouldn't even want it to. Feels so bad man :(. Is there anything out there worth even looking into or am I better off getting serious with my fitness and / or getting around to finally playing guitar?
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    There are always things worth playing, old and new, the only question is if you're willing to take the time to search for them yourself or give us more details on the type of games that you like. Considering what you listed I can only assume that, outside of Phantasy Star, you're attracted for the most part to popular RPGs or JRPGs. Easily accessible on steam I'd suggest Dragon's Dogma or Dark Souls. Otherwise, maybe you should grab an emulator and some ROMs. Dolphin emulator is great for Gamecube Titles, PCSX2 is of course great for the PS2. There are plenty of fan dub games of titles that never released in English officially that we're fortunate enough to be able to try now thanks to committed fanbases. The world is your oyster, go nuts.
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    For online play, i'd suggest Warframe if you didn't tried already. It is free, you will never have to put a cent in it unless you really want to, it has a big fan base (including many former PSO players), character movements are super satisfactory AND this month comes one of the biggest updates ever, Fortuna, with a new "open world" area and also... hoverboard!
    The game is a bit grindy but as a new player you don't have to worry about that, you will always find new ressources, weapons and warframes during your playtime and each frame has it's own playstyle.
    I found the game doesn't punish you for taking long breaks, so it's good if you want to play occasionally while practicing your guitar. Did i mention it's free?
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    Play some older games if you don't want micro transactions. Quake 1, 2, and 3 are great games. Unreal Tournament 1999 is also classic. Counter Strike 1.6 and Source are great older games that still have thousands of players. If you play some of the really old Battle Field games like Battle Field 1942, that doesn't have any of micro transactions. All of these games are amazing as long as your OK with a fan base consisting of about 100 to 500 people.
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    Games I've been playing recently are a little niche, but you might enjoy them.
    They've been Runescape for PC and mobile, as well as DJmax Respect for PS4.
    Runescape requires a membership to unlock the full game, but you're able to get a lot of time out of F2P so it's no issue.
    DJmax Respect has DLC but it's all in the form of visual goodies and extra songs, but I'm sure the 100+ songs from the base game will give you plenty of things to do.
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  7. Indie games right now are where it's at. If you haven't try Enter The Gungeon. Great bullet-hell loot em up.

    For single player, try Outward! It's niche and not for everyone, but it has an emphasis on journey and class-systems that may keep you interested for 10 hours or enthrall you enough for hundreds. 40 bucks, maybe some youtube vids would help you decide.

    Also, for a little life advice, I'd say you can focus on all three. Your music, fitness and games. I like to let one influence the others. Multi-tasking is key when you are trying to work on several hobbies. Let them all kind of flow between each other. That's how I feel anyway.
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