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    For everyone that expects an emotional journey through life, I will have to disappoint you. It is just that I switched from normal to Heroic for the mean while. Playing on my normal account somehow got a bit boring and there was no thrill in playing the characters I needed to level, let alone the characters that are level 200 already. The items I need are staple items like the v101, v502 and red ring or the ubers I want to hunt like handgun: guld or a hit lame. The quests now are not very optimal to do so (apart from lames), even if it is possible.

    Anyhow, this leaves 2 options open. Quitting (taking a break in my case since I always come back) or check out something else. I already had a level 124 HUcast on Heroic and somehow already got a v101 beforehand and a heavenly/arms. Guess I was lucky back in the days I leveled it to 124, though I was a bit unaware of the existence of the items I had. Just armed with a charge slicer, charge vulcans and an charge single handed event mechgun (which has a function of just a charge raygun I believe). I had to buy a decent mag as well but that worked out fine as well thanks to another heroic mag raiser.

    I have been joining some Fiasco’s and TTFs in the meanwhile and even created some myself. And somehow, the thrill is back to play again as a ‘new’ player. I died a lot and lost a lot of scape dolls when I tried to do TTF because a some of the players were not used to the TTF routine. Guess that is your own responsibility when you are a HC player I guess. Just gotta suck it up and take it. I usually take 3 scapes with me a fiasco run (although I rarely use one because I pretty much know the quests by heart now) and find a lot along the way. The weapons I have are really the most basic ones but I am happy that I can at least do some good damage with them. I still need a lot of power (base atp is just over 1200) and luck materials but I am getting there, slowly but steadily. I try to avoid ep2 since there is not much use for me in there yet. I still don’t have any hell weaponry and a v501, or let alone a v502. Guess that is still too much to ask I guess since I don’t have any arrest or hell weapons either. I am pretty surprised I am so good at dodging or preventing megid to be cast if I focus on this. There is no need to increase my dark resistance (yet) and can rely on my skill alone. Trapshooting is pretty important though to freeze dangerous mobs instantly. Sometimes I did die at one of the Baranz waves but even this is getting easier and easier because of the freeze trap placement and timing. I am even learning some new skills because those are necessary not to die as being a heroic player.

    I am yet to find some real good stuff though on HC, the best thing I am finding at the moment are a lot of PD’s and scape dolls. I am curious where it will lead (maybe in one of the banners when I die lol and forget to take scapes). If you are a bored out normal veteran player, changing (partial) to Heroic can be good for you. I am planning to return to normal whenever I feel like it though, I won't stop playing normal for 100%. Too bad some HC players stopped playing HC and switched to normal fully but I understand the frustration of having nearly no economy.

    I hope you guys enjoyed my little post. Have fun though!
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