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lol wow those positions you hold on those bars are pretty insane. I think I'd just hurt myself if I tried that.


Umm that's a hard question I guess I'm naturaly fit and strong but took a year to fine tune and learn most of the moves but I been training for like 5 years. But I only train a few times a week under a hour each session.
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Wooooooooooow, that is impressive. For a year now, I have stopped working out... because depression distracted me but I'm going to fix that up and get back to being fit instead of just slim. This is definitely one of my motivations now, keep it up! You should probably post tutorials on how to eat properly for these workouts and how to even initiate and keep up with the workouts, that sort of thing. :)


Without rain, nothing grows.
I am trying to get back into fitness again now. Jogging daily atm as my gym membership is £60 overdue... want to tone up again :D


Without rain, nothing grows.
Nope. I slipped on some ice yesterday and headbutt a car on my way down. But hell I got up and finished my 45 min jog in the rain :D

No plan as of yet. When I get some money Ill be going back to the gym, but for now its just jogging / sit ups / press ups.