Moving to a different VPS...


Staff member
So, I'm going to be moving the Ephinea PSO server AND the forum (yes, the forum AGAIN, second move in two days) to a new VPS at some point today.

The reason being is because the current VPS, hosted by OVH, seems to randomly decide to migrate the machine in the cloud to another server host and, when it does this, 80% of the players get disconnected from the game. (It happens once a day, usually.)

I asked them politely if they could adjust the DRS and/or vMotion settings on the VM to make my VPS have lower priority for random migrations, since it barely uses any CPU or RAM usage and doesn't need to be load balanced every day to every other day. Their response basically told me to go fuck off and buy a dedicated server from them, though they used nicer words.

So, I'm going to give them my own finger and bounce to another provider that is more dedicated to game servers and seems to have a great track record of no migrations, faster bandwidth, and more of everything, actually, for about the same price I was paying for OVH.

I mean, it speaks volumes about your customer support if you won't even consider or entertain the option of simply right clicking my machine in vSphere and adjusting one or two settings, which would take all of 5-10 seconds.

I'm not down with that, especially not paying $50 a month for that kind of support.

I'll announce as I come close to migrating to the new server, the server downtime will seriously only be like 5 to 10 minutes to get over to the new VPS, but a new client EXE will download again to point to the new VPS when all is said and done.

Thank you for your understanding.