Moved web server to a different host.

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The website was disabled for a bit because it was being moved to a different host. If you're seeing this, you are now on the new host!
Awesome Sauce!! Not gonna be nosey and ask Why the new host....Just bare in mind that if any circumstances should arise that you would need any kinda halp with helping maintain this wonderful Sanctuary ... You has more than a few souls willing to give a halping paw! Just sayin....=3


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Awesome Sauce!! Not gonna be nosey and ask Why the new host....
Well, two things, the game server and web server used to be on the same host, but now they're not. (Security)

I was having some weird server errors with the configuration of the web server before anyway, where scripts would time out or out of memory errors would occur, even though the configuration looked fine. I was able to eliminate some of the OOM errors by making the web server restart processes after a certain number of requests, but the website never ran how it should run, IMHO...

The new web server is running a totally different platform and now separate from the game server. It seems to be performing better over all. TIME WILL TELL.