Monster Hunter 4 Custom Quests


Surprised? PSO Quests aren't the only quests I make. Well... This is moreso for shits and giggles, anyway. This kind of thing also isn't common knowledge, so I'd understand if most wouldn't know what to do with this file... But if you too are familiar with this, feel free to upload your own!

Quest Requirements: G-Special Permit and HR 50 or higher
Quest Title / Goal: Infernal Extermination
Client: Legendary Dark Knight
Main Goal: Slay all large monsters.
Sub Goal: Slay 5 Genprey
Failure: Reward hits 0, or time expires.
Description: The portal to the underworld was open for far too long. Quite a few monsters have gained access to the living world. I'll need help with sending them back to hell.
Quest Time: 50 mins
Quest Rank: 14★
Quest Fee: 11000
Map: Ingle Island
Download Infernal Extermination

This is um... Yeah, if you haven't already been able to tell, this is a high level quest for pretty much end-gamers. It's pretty fun from what I've played, though.

It was pretty amusing to mess with the quest editor and had me hooked for quite a bit. Still, in comparison to PSO's quest editor, it's quite limited. PSO has amazing quests, unbested by most games these days.