Minor Team Bugs


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These might be known and I haven't really looked over reports. Sorry if I'm wasting time!

So we remade our team and I transferred 1,000 points (switching team master and team name too.) That seems to have worked fine, except:
- it retains the old team internal ranking (contributed points.) On ST, this was reset whenever you joined a new team.
- After registering Team Points 1,000 we have 1,000 points (good!) However, the team ranking says we have 0. I understand it should be that way on the leaderboards for balance purposes though. Also, this item does not update the points contributed (probably a good thing.)

And somewhat related, but your current team name was always shown on your guild card when you sent it out. Doesn't seem to be the case here - just a blank space on the card now. I don't remember it changing so it probably was only sent whenever someone sent their guild card (it would update if you sent your card to someone that already had your card.)

Completely unrelated but the info board has an invisible cutoff point for some reason. Wasn't present on other servers.

again these are pretty minor so just for notes


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There is no invisible cutoff point. It has to do with the font you are using. You use a big font like dotum, it ends right where its supposed to. Smaller fonts end sooner, but the same amount of characters. There is a finite amount of space in the info board area for text and you can't go over that. This limitation is enforced by the client and not the server, but the limit the client sets is the same as is allowed in the data anyway.

I know about the guild text, though. Never got around to implementing it.

Points registration will stay as is. You shouldn't be able to give a bunch of transferred points to others to get their teams up in the rank nor should you be able to disband, change the name, and end up on the top again immediately.

About the contributed points not resetting, I will look into that.
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