Melqueek DAR


Black Knight Pinball
Event Team
Melqueek's DAR is 15%. I can't think of a good explanation as to why. Tollaw/Del-D have 35%. Most mooks have 30% or higher. Every time I look at Melqueek's drop charts I kind of just have to laugh at how bad they are, because there is absolutely nothing worth hunting from them over the same item from a different enemy/ID. I just think it's kind of goofy.



ole bananahands a stingy mother fucker

spits in your face every chance he gets just to show you who's boss
even when you finally take him down his parting gift, if you don't get the fat shaft, is a bag full of shit



Staff member
Well, we've made a big point not to adjust anything Episode 1 or 2 related. I made the exception of the Ultimate boss drops and that's only because the Japanese server had the drops changed as well. So, Melqueek won't be changed.