Max Attack 1 and 2 Ver2 10000 Point Heart System.

I remember back on sega if you managed to get all 12 class hearts and all 10 section ID hearts that you'd get 5 spheres and black ring from Beach Laughter (or singing at the beach cant remember which one). Any chance we could get that system working on this server again? I think with such a close community it'd be a great thing for everyone and very doable.


AFAIK it was never possible to get Photon Spheres as a reward from Beach Laughter in Blue Burst. The reward for completing the Heart system was changed to Type-M weapons.
Are you sure? Max3 still provides the Type-M weapons just like it always did. I wasn't on sega BB but I was always told that Type M weapons didn't come out till sega JP BB in like 06/07.


JK hate paused, busy!
It was never used on BB, but some of the stuff was there (I warped people into this on offical servers when I was, ummm, rambunctious.) That's probably because ST got lazy though...

I think it would be kind of cool if My Career had some sort of system like this for rewards.