Marvel vs Capcom sound pack


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Here you go folks, a pack for the Marvel vs Capcom lovers out there, if you want to hear Dark Bringers as Deadpool, Crimson Assassins as Spidey, Belras as Dr. Doom and a bunch of other ballin sound effects, this is it.

Updated sound pack by Jajaswipo for Ephinea. He originally made it on SCHT but it was missing some enemies, he found the complete pack and gave me permission to upload here.

7zip file

Zip file
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Fixed the sounds of the Girtablulu, Dorphon, and Excalibur to cleaner less distorted versions.
Woohoo looks like the discussion in the shoutbox earlier today sparked some interest. This sound pack is the best!
Yup, instructions are in the readme file. I'll upload the original PSO sounds folder and edit it into the first post in case anyone needs a backup.
Was on mobile, only reason I asked, figured there was a readme. But was covering my bases. Thanks for the info!
Bumping this just so some new folks can see this. It's required for playing! c( ⁰ 〰 ⁰ )੭
Not meaning to necro here, but I tried installing this and it seems to be broken. I absolutely need this to play. Is anyone using this sound pack successfully right now?
I seem to have got this working, with the help of @tofuman's PAC manager tool. If there's any interest I can try and upload it. I just played several games in ep 1 and 4 and the sound files worked great! (none in ult tho, but I don't think that matters..)