Maintenance for 2/3/2016 has been completed...


Staff member
Maintenance notes:

- Hunter's Boost Road data was cleared. The quests now being focused on are "Maximum Attack 1", "Maximum Attack 2", and "Maximum Attack 3".

- The Hunter's Boost Road Episode 2 NPC, "Morrigan", was laid off. If you need an explanation of Hunter's Boost Road, speak to Lilith in Episode 1 or 4.

- Some changes were made to Episode 2 Coren's map data. More specifically his ID and function labels. I'm crossing my fingers that this resolves the freezing some experience when talking to him in Episode 2. If not, I'll just pull him and leave him in Episode 1 and 4 only.

- Pioneer Parts were distributed to those who achieved the item milestone for the week beginning on 1/23/2015. You had to have had at least a level 50 character and had space in your common bank to have received the item.