Maintenance complete for 4/29/2016


Staff member
Changes from the maintenance:

- Fodra and the Ephinea website have been relocated to a new host. (If someone you know can't connect to the website or game anymore, have them either reboot their computer or drop to a command prompt and type "ipconfig /flushdns" to purge their DNS cache.)
- Time attack reward shop working correctly again.
- Music disks drop less frequently. (From 1/600 -> 1/1000)
- A sound is no longer played when music disks drop.

Some other changes in the code for some new features, but they're not activated in the client yet... stay tuned...


Great update! Hopefully my friend who has Comcast will be able to play on Fodra again. I'm excited to find out what these new features are!


Aw, I'm going to miss seeing music disks often. They were so rare everywhere else, was nice to actually get some on occasion here.


Just wondering, what if we were using a Japanese name before this occurred? I had Oran before, but now I got Pinkal(ew). In a case like mine, am I screwed?