Mag Bug


Was making a Rati and leveled it too 100 on a alt char so it evolved into a Rati, dropped it on the floor in game with friends, went back to main char to see the mag was lv98. Ok sure, can be a bug no problem. Then i banked that mag in a shared bank, didn't knew that was a thing before, and went back to my alt to level it to 100 again but once I hit the bank it was a lv100 Rati. I then leveled the mag to 101 and stored it in shared bank again and this time it saved it.

Oh yeah and the Rati was a blue box as well the whole time till i leveled it to 101 and stored it

I am confused o.o


Staff member
So, the mag looked wrong when you dropped it on the ground to transfer it, but it was actually fine when you deposited it?

No idea. The thing is, the leader sends the game state when you join, for some reason the leader's client thought your mag was level 98, however when you put the mag in the bank and check it, you finally see what the server thinks your mag is. If the server thought your mag was what you thought it was, then I wouldn't worry about it too much.


That might been the case yeah, cause to them it was still a Ila when I dropped it to switch around, since i left the game the lead switched and thus the mag remained the same.

So far the mag is still a Rati and I leveled it some more as well so I guess its just a minor bug/glitch/sega coding style. Thanks for clarifying o/