Mac Keyboard Command Adjustment


SPECIAL-Fonewmn, Gigolo-Ramar

Am currently playing on a Mac Air '12.
I wonder if anyone knows a way to configure the keyboard. I would love to change my control key to alt-option and find a way to add home/end for quick weapon change menu.

Any help would be appreciated!


SPECIAL-Fonewmn, Gigolo-Ramar
Should be able to change ctrl to another button directly in the keyboard config menu.

"Quick weapon change" won't be able to be changed. A macro might work, but I don't know how overriding keyboard keys works when you're using the keyboard.
Thanks for the reply. Key configuration doesn't allow me to change home, end or control key commands in which i require to access the quick switch menu and second pallet of commands. :/ I currently have no home button and no end buttons and the control key is in a very uncomfortable spot. Thanks for the help!


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Pressing Fn + Left Arrow key for Home and Fn + Right Arrow key for End works for me in PSOBB on my MacBook Air, and is built into the OS. I've been looking into ways to "swap" those keys and haven't had much luck with custom keyboard layouts playing nice with PSO. The keys just behave as they would if they hadn't been swapped.