Lost my username, but can't retrieve username via email?


So the issue is something that's really common. A player leaves for three, six, however many months, and they come back and they forget their username. Now, ordinarily this would be fine, but I seem to be unable to find the "lost username, enter email and we'll send your email your old username"-esque button. The only one I can find is the one that resets my password, but I have to supply my username, which I do not currently have. A month or so ago I had hardrive failure and lost everything, so any notepads regarding or pertaining to log-in information for any and all websites/games I'd visited in the past year have vanished into an endless void of nothingness. So, is there anyway I can get my username back via providing my email? I have the password(s) I need (which might be like 6 different ones I could throw at you) in case someone needs proof. I'd just really prefer not to start over again since I had 3 level 200 mags and a few other bells and whistles lying around on that account with a reasonably high level character.

tl;dr - took a break, came back, forgot username, no button for username retrieval, need help from admin/someone high up.

Thanks in advance!