lost items due to desynch

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basically i walked into a room, went to the shop to do my routine selling blue boxes etc we started the quest me and a group of friends and then suddenly i get a desynch banner and then a pop up message all in a row. so when i log back on and rejoin them for a remake of the same quest i find that the armors i sold are back and i assumed it was just a rollback. then we start the quest again and 2 of my weapons are gone. 40h charge raygun and 30h charge vulcan.
i dont know exactly what happened but i hope it is fixed so people dont lose their items and if possible that i get my items back. however i would prefer no rollback on my character because i had just received a pd after the desynch issue and found a v502 on the same day and a kasami bracer.


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We don't restore items.


Sounds like you experienced a spot where your packets weren't being send/received by the server for a bit (network lag), then they all went at the same time.

Sorry for your loss.
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