Looking forward to this!

I am in Eden, but I think a "fresh start" (it might become annoying when everyone uses the same combination of 2 words in every thread of PSO, but... hehehe :oops: ) might be good. Besides, I'll be able to fully enjoy the game if I'm not boosted is what I think.

I myself haven't played more than 80 hours combined PSO1 and PSOBB so yeah, I am pretty new, at least that's what I consider myself to be. I've played PSO2 for almost 300 hours but that one crashes for me now so I guess I'm not able to do anything there xD.

Hope to be able to find some people to play even if the server is a bit small now, surely it'll get bigger if things go right. And a small community isn't always bad, it's more like... every one is friends. Yep, I'll be there in a few mins cuz I'm downloading the server at the moment. I'm sure I'll be a PURPLENUM called Mare (already looked up to the commands for that, thankfully). Probably gonna be a Ranger, on Eden I was a RAcaseal but I think I'm gonna mix the dough up and get myself some RAmarl action going up.

Welp, see ya in the server!

Edit: I happen to love Tales of, so this is great! Played Tales of Phantasia but never finished it, but I've played Symphonia, Xillia 1 and 2, Graces f, Abyss and will probably play more with time. Hope to see some people that are also fan of the series too in the server :D


Welcome to Ephinea! I'm glad you decided to come over to this...beautiful...flower patch?

I'm happy to lend a hand and play anytime you want, so just hit me up!

Good luck and happy hunting!


Welcome to Ephinea!

If you have any PSO related questions, feel free to ask. I know quite a bit about PSO. ;)

I'll play with you when I get home from my vacation either next Friday or Saturday. :D


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A real Tales fan would have Zestiria on pre-order. If you don't... THEN I HAVE NOTHING MORE TO SAY TO YOU!

Just kidding, of course... Just wanted to say WELCOME, since I haven't already. Nice to see you!